About Angels Among Us

We have been caregivers for eighteen years serving Baltimore County. We contract with private individuals and also through Department of Aging Medicaid Waiver and older adults programs. We are state licensed and inspected. We have cared for of a total of twenty six clients. Our clients live with us for an average of eight years. We are proud of this longevity of stay. They have been frail elderly, mentally ill, disabled, physically disabled and mentally handicapped. Health care issues have ranged from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia to include short term memory deficit, manic depressive, acute anxiety, paranoid schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, spina bifida, illiostomy, colostomy, fused joints, acute arthritis, dementia, osteoporosis, atrial fibralation, stroke, gerd, cataracts, parkinsons, hydrocephalus, blind, deaf, cancer, diabetes, incontinence arthritis and high blood pressure. I am the manager of their health care and Doctor’s appointments and medicines. We believe in prevention. We routinely screen eyes, hearing, fall risk, cancer, dental, diabeties, chloresterol, blood pressure, osteoporosis. The family or client approves all screenings. We have daily service needs planning in which families are welcome to attend

Our cook has training in specialized meal preparation for diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as other special needs. But most importantly knows how to make food fun, appealing and delicious.

We attend to our clients' personal needs and hygiene. We have complied with the new Comar 10.07.14 regulations on assisted living including the physical requirements, the paperwork requirements, the licensing and the health department review. We have completed the training including (but not limited to) Medication Management, CPR and First Aid, Dementia Training, Infection Control, Fire Life Safety, Psychosocial needs, Work Practice Precautions, Mental Illness, Living with Schizophrenia and bipolar Disease, and Basic Food Handling. We offer ongoing and other trainings as needed and on a regular basis. We complete background checks, including fingerprinting. We have had complete health care examinations. All documentation is inspected on a 90 day schedule by the Dept of Aging.

Our clients live with us an average of eight years. We have taken care of one gentleman for eighteen years, one eleven years, another seven years, a lady twelve years, another six years as well as many others. We think this longevity of care is one of our best references.

We have spacious homes that we feel are beautiful and yet comfortable. They includes handicap accessibility. We have a stair glide, grab bars, potty seats, toilet handrails and shower chairs. We feel that the spaciousness of our homes helps our clients feel at home. They are more of a home environment than an institution. I’m sure the clients like this situation better. They feel at home, comfortable and secure. We have a live in caregiver who is also the Assisted Living Manager. She has plenty of help including a cook, aids to bathe and clean and help with activities and day trips. This also provides what we call continuity of care. There is one person there on a continual basis. We like it like that and we think our clients do too.

We have a great security system that alerts us at the opening of any outside door. For added protection of your loved one, the building is equipped with a state of the art fire alarm system and sprinklers.

We have a whole notebook full of references, letters, inspections and thank you notes. from clients and their families, social workers, nurses, doctors, Department of Aging, Dept of Social Services, Office of Health Care Quality, Day program director, pharmacy and medical supply company. You may review this notebook ant time.

Angels Among Us Staff

Lanie Morton
Cheryl Poletynski
Bobby Morton Jr.

Victoria Tutchton
Desiree Lawes
Helen Parker

Lacy Jetke
Tameka Benson
Donna Hart

Staff Service Planning

Everyday Monday through Friday we have staff get togethers to discuss one particular client. We will talk about their health, their needs, medications, their diet, any special or unusual behaviors, the foods they like and dislike and generally how they are doing. We will take notice of the foods they like and don’t like. We will address all issues in a written service plan. We will also address any other urgent matters or changes in any other client and change their service plan as needed. All staff takes part in these meetings as well as the client. Family members are welcome to attend.


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