Typical Daily Activities

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Schedule of Activities

Daily Calendar

After taking care of aging folks for many years we realize they really like schedule and routine and a sense of well being and security. We try to stick to the same predictable schedule everyday. They want to connect with their spirituality, their family and friends and the outside world. They need a sense of belonging, as do we all. I think that as you learn more about how we spend our days you will see how nicely we address these needs and desires. To learn more about the things on our schedule click on the links you would like to read about.

7 to 9 everyone up, bathed, dressed, beds made, breakfast and medicines by 9 human touch

9 to 9:15 About today and memory exercises

9:15 to 9:30 Chair exercises/ stretching and range of motion

9 to 10 extra attention that everyone looks, smells and feels good, hair, jewelry and beauty center

9 to 9:30 Queen or King for the week

9:30 to 10:00 Laugh for the day

10 to 10:30 morning bathroom, wash hands, snack

10:30 to 11:30 songs, prayers and Scripture reading, Spirituality

10:30 to 11:30 alternative games for anyone who chooses: WII/computer/ cooking club

11:30 to 12:00 wash hands/bathroom/ get ready for lunch

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch

1:00 to 2:00 Monday we play Bingo

Tuesday we go out
Wednesday we play charades
Thursday we go out
Friday we have an ice cream social

1 to 4:30 Saturday and Sunday is communications club, web site, writing club, and other Misc


2:00 to 3:00 Monday Wednesday and Friday Hand massage, fingernail painting, foot massage

1:00 to 3:00 Tuesday and Thursday we are on outings

3:00 to 3:30 Bathroom, wash hands and snack

3:00 to 4:30 Staff Service Planning, writing club, communications, web site

3:30 to 4:30 Free time for residents

The facility has a WII game, two computers, arts and crafts, writing club, cooking club and a screened in outside area or porch and back yard, and TV’s throughout for independent choices of activities.

Activity Highlights

Queen/King for a Day

We make a picture display of the one chosen to be Queen/King for a day. They wear something special. They are pampered and beautified. We will take glamour photos. They are crowned. They sit in a special seat. We eat what we know is their favorite foods all day. We tell stories about them. We talk about what makes them happy or sad or laugh. We talk about their life, their work, their families, beliefs, favorite things, colors, foods, sports, shows, movies, talents, music, hobbies, pets, shoe size, dress choice, anything we can think of . This helps everyone get to know this client. Previous to this event we have a care plan meeting of all staff so we can give and receive information on this resident. It is good to be recognized and appreciated in this way. It is good to know the life of the person we are caring for. It helps us to be more caring. The picture/story display will be displayed for a week then it will become a memory board for the client’s room.

Laugh of the Day

It is good for the spirit to laugh. Laughter has many positive effects. Laughter is useful in releasing tension, reducing pain, improving breathing, and generally improving your mood while lifting your spirits. A sense of humor needs to be inspired and protected. We offer a special time twice a day that is designed just to make us all laugh. We are collecting funny videos that are really funny. We mean that really make you laugh. We will be on the lookout for any volunteer talent that will make us laugh. This is a new program but we look forward to growing it.


After working with the elder population long enough that I have become part of it I realize that it is very important to most of us to make a spiritual connection. We have a small nondenominational chapel available on the premises. We will try to meet the spiritual needs of our clients. We set aside an area for praise and worship and a time everyday. This will be available to all clients. We have volunteers and are looking for more. This is usually offered between 10:30 and 11:30 Mon – Friday. Services are also offered on Sunday.

Hair, Beauty and Jewelry Center

The clients are up, bathed, dressed and have breakfast by nine o’clock. From 9 to 10 o’clock we go a little extra further to get them ready for the day by offering a little extra attention to hair, shaving, lipstick and jewelry. This is not professional hair works. Just our best foot forward. Each client will have a box for their own beauty supplies.

Nail Painting

Between 2 and 3 everyday two residents will get their fingernails painted. We will rotate the turns so everyone who wants a turn gets one regularly. They each have their own nail supplies box. Because of regulations we are not manicurist just nail painting. We will provide them with a nail file if they can file their own nails. But that is very nice!


Once every three months our clients will have the opportunity to get a pedicure. There is a $22.00 charge for this service as we use a local shop. But it is well worth the need and the treat!!

Writing Club

Something else we have learned about our population is that we want to maintain a connection with our families and friends. We will compile a list for every resident and provide cards, pictures and stamps and assistance to complete the addresses and signatures and notes about what is going on in their life. We hope by sending out birthday and other celebration cards we will help our clients be remembered. We also hope this will help them remember and feel apart of their families and friends lives. And give them a chance to send their thoughts and best wishes to their loved ones.

Communications Club

We help our clients stay in touch with their family and friends by offering a telephone club. A special time set aside so we can dial numbers and make sure they can communicate with the ones of their choosing. If you would like to receive a call let us know. We also have clients call one another to chat. We believe that spirits may be lifted by the words “someone wants to talk to you on the phone.” We also stay in touch by way of our internet site and e-mails and snail mail.

Ice Cream Socials

We have discovered over the years that almost all of us like ice cream. So every Friday we will have a variety of ice cream and toppings. We will provide alternatives for special requests or needs.

Cooking Club

We are going to employ a cook who not only knows how to prepare a balanced diet for all the special needs of our clients but also understands the importance of the smell of good food cooking all the time. We will offer French toast everyday as a side, not only because it is nutritional but it smells wonderful cooking. We will have home baked desserts and soups, vegetables, meats and fruits everyday. We will expect this cook to come up with good smelling foods and snacks. We will also expect them to offer a cooking club everyday to involve those that can and chose to get involved.


There have been many studies and articles written about the emotional, mental and physical benefits of pets on the human being. At no other time in life is this more true than in our latter years. Therefore we are very empathetic with our clients who are pet owners. Every effort will be made so that you can keep your pet. We do have to consider many aspects of this arrangement. So this decision is made on an individual basis. We have house pets that love to be loved by all.

Human Touch

Much has been written about the need for human touch. From articles to studies it is agreed upon that the importance of human touch can not be over stated. We train our staff about this knowledge. When speaking to our clients we touch their shoulders or their hands or back. We encourage appropriate hugging at every chance. By applying moisturizer to our clients hands, backs, arms and legs everyday we not only provide them with much needed human touch we also provide a service to the health of their skin.


We provide opportunities to shop and eat and just to get out on a regular basis. We cannot take everyone at one time so we rotate. We make sure that everyone gets to enjoy time outside.

Holiday Celebrations

We have birthday and holiday celebrations through out the year. Each holiday is celebrated with appropriate clothes, activities, worship, food, decorations and corsages for each resident. Families are welcome. However, we have a summer cookout and Christmas party specifically with hopes that family and friends will come.


We have an onsite camera and take pictures of many activities and events. See our bulletin board. We hope to be able to also e-mail you selected pictures.

Family Visitation Area

We provide a private area where our clients can meet with their loved ones and friends. In addition to the privacy of visiting in your loved ones own room, we also offer several other areas in the home you may go to share some time together. On the middle floor there is a sitting/reading room in the front of the house families are welcome to use. There is a screened in sun room off the back of the house which has a swing and is a lovely area to utilize. In addition there are also several tables and areas outside in the back yard if it’s a nice day and you wish to enjoy the weather If you would like to bring a meal we will provide a private dining area. You are welcomed at any time between ten a.m. and eight p.m. You may want to work out your visits to coordinate with activities and make sure your loved one is not out of the facility.

Memory Clinic

Coming soon.

Well Care Clinic

Coming soon.

Gold Fish Pond / Bird Sanctuary /Garden

Coming soon.

Fun and Other Activities

We offer many other activities throughout the day. We cater to the desires of our clients. We offer bingo, charades, arts and crafts, board games, card games, memory exercises, chair exercises, walking, Karaoke, hand and feet massage and other activities. We offer a cooking club, a writing club, a needlework club and a bible study. We have holiday and birthday celebrations. We have a crab feast in the summer. We invite guests in to share their talents and knowledge. We have regular prayer and worship times. We also have pet visitation days. We have, onsite, the video game Wii. We also have two computers with memory exercises for the use of our clients .


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