Gift Ideas

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and reading this portion of our web site.

The best gift idea for your loved one is you. If you can find time to pick them up and go to the park or to visit someone they haven’t seen for awhile or go out to lunch. You may know other family members or friends who might need a little encouragement to spend time this person. It is such a nice thing for them to do, we think they will be glad they did. If you let us know when you are picking them up we will have them ready for you when you get here.

Other gift ideas are things that will lift their spirits. Gifts of services are also great ideas. We go to lunch on a regular basis to ………We go to Marjie’s hairport for haircuts and Lou’s Barber shop for haircuts and shaves. We go to Walmart and the dollar store. We go to King nails for pedicures, manicures are also available there. We go to the Belair Rd. Movies. The clients have to pay for their part of these trips. We provide transportation and escorts. Gift cards to any of these places are a great idea!

Another great gift idea is pictures of themselves and you on any events that you might take them on. It is like capturing a pleasant memory. Pictures that we can display on their bulletin boards or in frames are great.

These are general gift ideas. For ideas for specific people click on the links below. We will list items that we know they need, like or want. If you know things to add to this list please e-mail us and we will add it. For your convenience we have included sizes!

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful. It may be the best gift you give this year!


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