Mobility Assistance

Mobility Information 410-764-8181
  Fax 410-764-7624
Mobility Reservations 410-764-8181 Ext 1
Mobility Cancellation Line Ext 1-1
Mobility Late Line Ext 1-2
Mobility/Taxi Access II Certification Ext 2
Mobility Customer Service Ext 3
Current Status of Mobility Service Ext 4
MTA and Mobility Website
Taxi Access II Website
MJM Customer Service (Taxi Access II) 410-664-2030
Reduced Fare Certification (6 St. Paul St.) 410-767-3441
Reduced Fare TTY 410-333-2051
MTA Transit Information 410-539-5000
  Toll Free 866-RIDE-MTA (743-3682)
MTA TTY 410-539-3497
Maryland Relay Dial 7-1-1

Mobility Phone Number 410-764-8181

When you call the number, her is the menu that will direct you to your desired location:

Press 1 Press 2 Press 3 Press 4 Press 5
Reservations Mobility and Access Certification Customer Service Current Status of Service Repeat Main Menu

1 Cancel
2 Late Line
3 Next Day
4 Future
9 Repeat Reservation Menu
* Return to Main Menu

1 General Questions and to Request Applications
2 Mobility Application Status
3 Taxi Access Application Status
9 Repeat Certification Menu
* Return to Main Menu
For Compliments, Suggestions, and Complaints To check on the current status of service in case of inclement weather or difficult traffic conditions To get to somewhere else on the menu


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